A Practical Skills Building Workshop organized with ACCJ: Handling Stress in the Office

On 2015 February 19th, DELTANOMIX has the great pleasure to deliver to the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan (ACCJ) a Practical Skills Building Workshop on the the theme of “Handling Stress in the Office”. This workshop comes as a support to the activities of the ACCJ Young Professionals Committee.

This workshop is open to ACCJ members and their guests. For workshop venue, time and registration click here.

Please find below some more details on the workshop itself.

According to the Stress in America™ 2013 survey run by the American Psychological Association, work continues to be one of the most commonly reported sources of stress in the U.S. Besides, 42% of American adults report that their stress level has increased over the past 5 years.

Japan is obviously no exception to this new norm where business and the workplace are synonymous with stress. Indeed, about 60% of Japanese workers are affected by intense stress, according to the Survey on State of Employees’ Health by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. To that extent, a partial revision of the Industrial Safety and Health Law (労働安全衛生法) has passed the Diet on June 19th, 2014, requiring employers to enforce medical examinations aimed at quantifying the degree of metal burden carried by their workers.

In this workshop, various practical coping strategies to adopt as individuals and encourage in order to better control and reduce the recurring stress in the workplace will be reviewed and discussed.

The workshop attendees will learn how to:

● Assess situational stress and recognize its impacts on their life and work performance

● Detect the “stressors” in their work environment and act on them

● Rely on their inner resources like Emotional Intelligence to deploy effective coping strategies

● Leverage resources from their environment to maximise chances of success while reducing their stress when handling critical business interactions

DELTANOMIX hopes that this workshop will help all attendees to succesfully improve their stress management capabilities and resilience in order to maximize both their wellbeing and performance.