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Become a Global Leader who can shape a brighter future

デルタノミクスについて / About Deltanomix

Today, in business, how to define a successful global leader?

In an increasingly complex and versatile environment, a successful global leader can be defined as a leader who is not only able to deliver on the short-term value creation promise but, more importantly, who can build a sustainable and resilient organization thanks to strong work ethics, discipline and a focus on keeping her employees at the centre of the value creation process.



What does it take to become a successful leader in charge of growing a sustainable organization in a global environment?

First, in this interconnected world, being able to develop trustful relationships with multiple counterparts (teams, clients, providers, partners…) coming from various backgrounds and cultures has become an essential trait to lead successfully a global business growth. Far beyond the potential language question, acquiring solid interpersonal skills and cross-cultural fluency in order to be able to build on diversity (be it gender, culture, age or any other characteristic) is indeed key for a leader to maintain and reinforce her organization competitive power in a global environment. Besides, being able to balance the delivery of short-term objectives with building a positive stimulating work environment that can turn into growth catalyst for the future requires any leader, regardless of her profile and background, to constantly understand and manage the dynamic between the 3 core constituents of value creation: 1) the intrinsic and extrinsic business environments, 2) the company’s departments and individual teams’ situations and 3) herself in a management function.




How can DELTANOMIX help you and your teams to develop into successful global leaders?

Based on the study of your unique situation and objectives, we design customized solutions ranging from simple management practices refresher course to advanced organization development and performance management programs. Even though Business English level is required to follow the tailored program, it can be delivered in “slow English” on simple request and support material can optionally be prepared in Japanese language as well.





Contact us at info@encognize.com for further information.

デルタノミクスの詳細については、info@encognize.com までお問い合わせください。


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